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Lazos/Suhted: MAY 2015 in Tallin, Iberofest-Estonia !

Iara Vega-Linhares ( Santiago, Chile1972)

Is a nicaraguan photographer, journalist, graphic designer and 
traveler. Lives and works in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland with her
Family since 2007.

After having settled in Biel Bienne , she found that many of its
inhabitants were closely related to her Nicaragua (the native
country of her mother and where she lived more than 15 years).
Iara wanted to know more about these ties and document it
through the lenses of her camara and her love for Nicaragua.

Lazos/Suhted was created with the aim of sharing this beautiful
story of strong friendship born during the Sandinista’s Revolution
in the 80’s.

Portraits and places in San Marcos, Nicaragua (located in a
region of agro economic activity and recognised as University City,
37 kms away from the Capital Managua,) where a brigade of 12 young
swiss teachers and trade union volunteers decided to engage
their solidarity.

Lazos/Suhted is a book and an exhibition. It’s a mirror of hundreds
of similar stories of solidarity, and important part of our collective
history and conscious. The Embassy of Nicaragua in Finland and
concurrent to Estonia is honored to share this exhibition and
intimate piece of our history with you in Tallinn, Estonia !

LAZOS-SUHTED poster - estonia-01